Found this tiny kitten in a parking lot on 9/29/2000. Felt I couldn't just leave him there (the potential for him getting run over and killed seemed high), so I brought him home with me. My allergies weren't very happy with the arrangement though, and plus he was just too much energy (and distraction) for me in my life at the time, so I asked around and found an excellent new home for him. Tim (a friend of a friend) had an adult cat already, and offered to take this feller.

Of course, before Tim volunteered to take this guy, I was considering taking him to an adoption center (Second Chance Pets here in Houston). It's a sad fact of life that people are lazy about spaying/neutering their pets, and as a result, there are lots of unwanted pets sent to shelters (or worse, doomed to live short lives outdoors, before they get attacked by some other animal, or hit by a car or whatever). So please, if you have a pet, do the humane (and responsible) thing and get your pet fixed.