Air Force Armament Museum, Niceville FL

The ever-beautiful B-17.
From the other side now...
Dreaming of flight.
Fat Man
(In case you didn't know just what Fat Man is...)
Inside the museum. It's nowhere near as big as the Navy Museum, but there's still a fair bit of stuff here. Lots of missiles...
Another view
From above. That's an F-105 there.
The progress of technology in the 20th century is pretty amazing, but when you look at it as regards to human aviation, IMHO it's really just stunning. Think about it - it's been fewer than 100 years (as I write this) that man has been aloft in airplanes. And it was less than 60 years between kitty hawk and the first manned spaceflight! It's really astonishing.
Here's a not-very-good pic of me in the A10 cockpit mockup.
And here's a look at the A10 cockpit. There's a bazillion little buttons and switches in there. Beats the heck outta me how those guys remember how everything works.
There was a pretty large collection of handguns (as well as a few bigger guns) on display; I've set up a separate page for those.

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