Jay's Cats, and Scenery Around Windham, NH

Troublekitty, playing chess?
Jay and Troublekitty
Its.... The Hand! Eeeee!
The great view from Jay's deck
The deck in the trees.
A birch in Jay's "backyard"
More of the "backyard"
A rock wall going thru Jay's forest. cool!
A look down the road.
Seen while driving - a planned burn, fortunately, I think they were burning it down to build a new house there. And to give the firefighters practice. There was a small crowd on the road watching. I didn't think we were all that close, but it's amazing just how much heat is generated by a fire like this.
Another look at the fire.
Rocks and trees in NH.
I thought this was a pretty big rock. (Granite. It's everywhere.) Of course, there are roads cut thru cliffs of the stuff, so I guess in comparison this one's pretty tiny.
A house seen while driving. More or less typical of the area's architectural style, I think.
A roadside market. Didn't go in and look, but it's neat.
The leaves carpet the roads and drives (at least, until someone drives thru and blows them away).
A real life pumpkin patch. Cool!

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