Lexington 2002 - Rolex 3-Day Event, and Keeneland Racetrack

I went with my mom and aunt Judy to Lexington Kentucky in April 2002; we went for the Rolex 3-day event, my first trip to a "real" horse show of this sort. We took in some racing at Keeneland racetrack as well, which was probably the high point for me as I'm most fascinated by racing.

I bought a Nikon 3x telephoto lens to attach to my Coolpix 990, in hopes of getting some closer shots of the 3-day event (since I knew we'd be sitting far off). Results were mixed, but overall I'd say it wasn't worth it - its too much of a hassle using the lens, and the end pix didn't turn out very crisp. Plus my camera was so slow I missed lots of the cross-country pix. If I wanna get serious photos I guess I need a film camera. Don't think I'm all that serious about it yet tho...

The Rolex was really crowded. This was my first trip to Lexington for a real horse event (as opposed to models - I've been to BreyerFest many times, and taken lots of pictures of that too). I found I rather missed my familiar plastic ponies. Probably won't be going to BFest this year, either... but there's always next year.

Anyway, on to the photos. (Click the thumbnails for more.)

Racing at Keeneland
Mom (left) and aunt Judy (right) at Keeneland.
Dressage (Friday)
Cross Country (Saturday)
Show Jumping (Sunday)

I did also buy an original painting by Sarah Richards; she had a booth at the Rolex with lots of lovely prints and originals for sale. The price of the originals was quite reasonable ($275 with mat and frame), and I couldn't resist. I'll have to snap a picture of it when it arrives. Her semi-abstract paintings really appeal to me. This is actually the first piece of 2d equine art I've ever bought.

We also paid a visit to Artique, my favorite Lexington crafts gallery. Saw lots of wonderful stuff I wished I coulda got. I ended up just buying a little copper wire horse sculpture.

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