Kira's Trip to Fairhope, March 2003

March 2003 - I've returned to Fairhope Alabama to visit with relatives and attend the Fairhope Arts and Crafts show. Here are a few pix of the trip.

bama.jpg shaggydog.jpg orchid.jpg
USS Alabama, in Mobile Cheri's shaggy dog The lovely "Baldan's Kaleidoscope" golden orchid. I got this at Bailey's (farmers market) in Pensacola, for Judy & George
orchid-in-pot.jpg picturesque.jpg andeanmusicians.jpg
I got a pot for the orchid at Terra Potta in downtown Fairhope Booths for the art fest lined up in the middle of the streets in picturesque downtown Fairhope Musicians playing some Andean music.
popcornvat.jpg kitebooth.jpg copperstuff.jpg
They're making popcorn in that huge metal vat there. A booth with kites & stuff Copper art outside the Eastern Shore Art Center
colonygrill.jpg booths.jpg barn.jpg
Entrance to the Colony Grill in Fairhope More booths at the art fest The barn where Judy keeps her horse
dreamfarm.jpg monty.jpg horseheaven.jpg
This farm is behind the barn. It looks like a dreamy place to live. Judy's horse Monty poses for the camera. Monty looks to be in horsey heaven with such a lovely green field to play in.
judyandcleo.jpg lovelycleo.jpg lites.jpg
Judy and Cleo Ah, Cleo, the ham. Cleo poses for the camera. Or maybe he'sjust wondering where his food is. xmas lites adorn the trees in downtown Fairhope. The booths from the art fest are closed up for the night.

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