Evening Storm

A cold front moved through Houston on the evening of Feb. 21st (2002). Nothing unusual about that, we get them all the time... except this one came with some pretty wild cloudscapes. :) I heard it was coming because the evening news reported it, and I found it odd because at the time I was watching the news, the skies were perfectly clear. I watched for it from my balcony, and just had to take pix of it, because the clouds rolled in like something out of a sci-fi movie.

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18:13pm - The leading edge of the storm, like a big wave crashing over us.
18:17pm - A few minutes later... the storm is moving really fast.
18:18pm - A minute later. It's getting quite dark now.
18:20pm - A few more minutes, and the storm front has rolled over the complex. No rain yet.
18:28pm - The clouds have engulfed us now, and it's getting pretty dark (you can see the lights on in the parking area). Now the wind has really started to kick up... I'd guess it's gusting a good 40-50mph, screaming around the trees and rattling the gutters on the buildings.
18:34pm - Well at this point it's almost too dark to see anything. The wind has died down, and there's not been much rain or lightning. Probably because the storm was moving too fast to leave much behind.
noon Feb. 22 - The morning after... crystal clear. And cool and windy. Nice! :)

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