Central Texas is at its finest from March through May, when the wildflowers blanket the hills and roadsides. You can enjoy the wildflowers simply by driving around; plenty of color can be viewed on the roadsides between Austin and Fredericksburg.

There are also several wildflower destinations you can visit. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX is a top choice, with many acres of wildflower fields and gardens to explore. Further west in Fredericksburg is Wildseed Farms, which raises wildflowers commercially and sells seed mix if you have a hankering to grow your own. And if you enjoy plants in general, pay a visit to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm; it's the smallest of these three but definitely a charming place to visit. They have a small wildflower field, and sell potted herbs and herbal gifts and books. They also serve lunch daily in their cafe.

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