Air Force Armament Museum

I'm not one to pass up a trip to an aviation museum, so before I left Florida I paid a visit to the Air Force Armament Museum. It's nowhere near as large as the Naval Aviation Museum in nearby Pensacola, but they still have quite a nice collection of planes, including a B-17, a B-52, and a SR-71. There's also quite a collection of firearms, ranging from an old 1762 Colt pistol to modern Berettas and even a gatling gun from the nose of an A-10.

The museum is on hwy. 85 in Valparaiso, which is across the bay from Destin (there's a convenient toll bridge you can take to get across from the Destin side). It's just east of the Fort Walton Beach regional airport, so if you're flying into there, it's quite convenient to go right from the airport to the museum.

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