Bahamas: Atlantis

I visited the Atlantis resort in June 2001 for my sister's wedding. Atlantis is on Paradise Island, about a 45 minute flight from Ft. Lauderdale. The resort is themed after its mythical namesake, and the hotel's architecture reflects that, with massive ornamental fish, seahorses, shells and other nautical-themed elements. There's even a mock-archaeological exhibit called the "Dig", where you can view schools of fish swimming amid the underwater ruins.

The hotel grounds include acres of gardens, waterfalls, terraces, pools, water slides, aquaria and marine habitats. There's also a large lagoon (closed off from the ocean) where you can rent kayaks and paddle around, or just sunbathe on the beach. The aquaria and marine habitats are one of the resort's most unique features. There are thousands of different fish, including rays and sharks. There are several places where you can view the fish underwater; the incredible floor-to-ceiling plexiglass walls in the Hall of Waters offer a good view, and there are also several underwater aqua-tunnels you can walk through.

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