Wildflowering 2003

I took a trip to the Texas Hill Country this spring; spent easter with my family in New Braunfels, at the "Other Place" resort on the Comal River. ("resort" seems a bit of an exaggeration; it's a cluster of cabins perched around a horseshoe-like bend in the river.) Nice enough place, I guess, although I'd like it more if it had a phone line so I could get my net fix. :)

On Saturday Dad and I drove down to San Antonio to go to the Fiesta Art Fair at the Southwest School of Art. It was pretty cool, though not as big as the Fairhope art fair or the Houston/Bayou City art fair. There was more jewelry at the Fiesta fair, which I rather liked, although most handmade jewelry doesn't really do much for me. I did buy a pair of sterling-and-copper lizard earrings from Ken Wilson; he had a bunch of cool designs that were cut out of sterling sheet with a hacksaw. Very different and neat.

We went to the Huisache Grill for lunch Sat.; very nice restaurant, nice decor, good food. Sat. evening we went to our usual dinner spot in Gruene - the Gristmill. I thought the food was better than usual this time, and unfortunately ate too much. It was good though.

Here are some pictures from New Braunfels and the Other Place.

Sunday I left and drove to Fredericksburg. I visited Wildseed Farms on Sunday afternoon; I kinda ended up there after driving around town looking for a place to have lunch, and not really finding anything, so I just went on to the farm. By then I was starved and dehydrated, so I went in looking for water. Found that and better - they were serving up soft-serve peach ice cream in their little cafe there. I think it was the best peach ice cream I've ever had.

Pictures from Wildseed Farms

Monday morning I got up and drove over to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm for lunch. They have a cozy little cafe there. I had their portobello mushroom sandwich; it was quite good. Then I wandered around the farm; they were selling all sorts of herbs. Wish I had a place to plant some, I would have gotten some. I did end up buying a copy of their book, Along the Garden Path, which seems to be a combination recipe book and how-to-grow-herbs manual.

Pictures from the Herb Farm

After that I drove on to Austin, and spent the week there visiting friends. Oh, and blowing my diet. I just had to go to Chuy's while I was there, and also the Salt Lick. Those were quite heavenly. I also hit the Austin Pizza Garden, though I'll have to say I don't think it's as good as my own homemade pizza.

I drove back to San Antonio on Friday, for a model horse show Saturday. Dang thing started too early for me (had to get there at 8am to get a good table), and I ended up sitting around all day doing a lot of nothing - my first class wasn't even til 5pm. Madness. Next time I won't go to a show unless I have some horses to show in performance. Otherwise its just too mind-numbingly boring.

Left the show at 7pm, and then proceeded to do the stupidest thing I've done in a while - I drove back to Houston, while feeling utterly exhausted. It was a scary drive; I had no spatial sense at all, and was having a hard time concentrating. Almost missed my exit to the beltway when I got to Houston. And I think I was hallucinating near the end... I was certainly seeing things that weren't there. But I made it back without incident, and went right to sleep.

Now I'm suffering with a cold, my souvenir from the trip. Grumble. That's one reason I dont like to go anywhere...

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