Fairhope Photo Album: Yacht Club; Castle

We drove by to check out the Fairhope Yacht Club. Nice place, not real big. I called them and asked about joining; $250 plus a "member sponsor" and 3 member references. Seems kinda elitist, but maybe all yacht clubs are like that, I dunno.

Oh, we also went by the Eastern Shore Art Center, which was rather cool - they had bunches of wooden bowls on display (alas, I didnt get pix). As we were leaving the center, we noticed what looked like a little castle down the street. I got a few pix of them (there are actually two separate buildings). They look to be someone's home, although the one with the bridge is being worked on.

Kids sailing on Mobile Bay.
Fairhope Yacht Club marina
FYC main building
FYC covered pavilion
FYC boat ramp
FYC pier
FYC parked boats
Sign in front of the castles.
A low bridge goes to one of the "castles".
Castle with big copper-roofed turret.
Neighboring castle.

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