Fairhope Photo Album: Friday

The Fairhope Farmer's Market (Thursday evening). They didn't have a great deal of stuff there, more plants than produce, altho there was one guy with a pickup truck full of silver queen corn, and another produce stand that was doing brisk biz. I think someone had a few bouquets, but they were all sold out by the time I got there. Alas. I hope this market grows some, it has potential.
Sailboats out on Mobile Bay
Twilight on the bay.
Old Grumman Cougar Blue Angel, outside the Florida Welcome center on I-10.
Three generations of Seelys/Hamiltons - my Mom (Cindy), left; grandma Peggy (middle), and me (right).
Dad (right) and his brother Frankie.
Hibiscus in Frankie's yard, grown up into a little tree.
Bucket o' plants.
Cute little *tiny* kitten.
Box o' kittens!
Orange Beach waterfront park - the pier leading out into the bay.
Beachfront (bay) at the park.
Boathouse on a neighboring pier adjacent to the park.

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