Fairhope Photo Album: Farmers Markets around Fairhope

One thing about south Alabama, there are plenty of farmers around, and so lots of fresh produce is readily available. Of course, you can't get it in the stores (the stores I visited had some real sorry looking produce); instead you have to visit one of the farmers markets around here. There was a small one in town, a bit larger one just outside of town, and well the biggie was Burris Farm Market out in Loxley (a bit of a drive). We bought some fresh silver queen corn at Burris's, boiled it up for dinner... best darn corn I've ever had.

Dad at the market in Fairhope. Everyone has that silver queen corn.
Plants and flowers at the Fairhope Farmers Market. Beyond that you can see rows of plants growing - not sure what crop it is.
Burris Farms Market had loads of produce.
Silver queen corn fresh from the field. This is what it's all about.
MMmmm, peppers.
Now THESE I like!

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