Fairhope Photo Album: Grand Hotel, and Point Clear

After departing downtown Fairhope, we drove south along scenic 98 to Point Clear to see the Marriott Grand Hotel. I didn't get any shots of the main hotel, but these pix are of one of the side wings, and the pier/beach.

Seen along the road... kudzu, the vine that ate the south.
More kudzu.
Oak trees lining a street in Magnolia Springs.
An oak tree at the Grand.
Mom, sitting on a bench at the Grand.
Area in front of one of the hotel's waterfront wings...
Close-up of rock commemorating the first Grand hotel
The Grand's own beach
Point Clear (I think that's the actual point, there); the hotel wraps around the other side.
Waters of Mobile Bay
South along the pier-lined shore
Pelicans soared overhead in formations, pausing only to make great dives into the waves, fishing for dinner.
Two pelicans glide overhead.

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