Scenes from Boston

We visited Boston one day, and walked a bazillion miles along the Freedom Trail. Fortunately Jay did the driving into/out of town; crazy place. I wouldn't want to try driving there. I wouldn't have toured there alone either, so I'm glad we went and did this. Admittedly the old sites don't do alot for me, but what does? I enjoyed the boat stuff immensely though.

A tree-lined street in Boston.
A door to one of the many apartments. This one had some neat stonework on the wall, although it's kinda hard to see in this pic.
A big old church.
Another old church.
A somewhat obscured view of these apartments/condos/whatever you call 'em. Some were quite fancy, from what I could see. Oh, and you can sorta see me reflected in the mirror here. :)
Ivy blankets many of the buildings. Very pretty.
Boston sure has a lot of graveyards. This is the Granary Burial Ground, where Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams are buried (among other folks).
Samuel Adams' grave. Really.
Not sure whose this is (they didn't want us walking off the path to look, so I didn't), but it looks peaceful.
The Tremont Temple.
The Old South Meeting House, where Samuel Adams gave the command to begin the Boston Tea Party.
Meeting House again.
Old meets new. The King's Chapel, towered over by modern skyscrapers.
Boston's Old City Hall, 1865-1969.
Old City Hall again.
A flower stand seen on the street. I love this.
A new bridge being built (I can't remember if this is part of the Dig or not). Very Illuminated.
We took a ferry ride, just for the hell of it. This one goes from the Aquarium area over to Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution.
Boats in the harbor.
Seen while ferrying.
Arriving at the Bunker Hill area. The Constitution is on the far left. There's a destroyer (whose name I forget) there in the middle. And I think that's the Bunker Hill monument on the right.
An old ferry in drydock.
The USS Constitution. We couldn't get close cuz they had it closed for security reasons (fear of terrorist stuff, etc). ohwell.
Boston Sunset
And another sunset view.

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