My Northeast Trip, October 2001

I took a trip to New Hampshire and Maine in October 2001. The official reason was for a jewelry (wax carving) workshop in Portland Maine, but I spent the week prior to the workshop visiting with my friend Jay, who lives in New Hampshire. That was surely the best part of the trip, as I got to hang out with Jay in RL (instead of VR), play some real scrabble (and other games), visit Boston, and see the sights. I was really touched by the beauty of the area (though as everyone tells me, it's less pretty 3 months from now when winter is full on). I had some clam chowdah in Boston. And was driven slightly mad by my allergies to Jay's 3 cats. I know I'll never have cats, now, which is too bad, cuz I think they're cute.

I almost ended up not going to the workshop after all that, but went ahead and went - at least for a few days. Toured around Portland Maine a bit, though it was much less fun doing that alone. Then did the workshop for 2 days, decided it really wasn't for me, and ended up leaving early to return home. I did at least have a real Maine lobster while I was there. Delicious, though I think I prefer the bbq'ed dungeness crab that Joe's Crab Shack makes. More meat in a big dungeness than in a lobster, I think.

Well anyhow. Here are some photos of my travels. I've divided them into categories - click the thumbnails below for more pix.

Jay's Cats, and Scenery Around Windham
Scenes from Boston
Just a few photos from Portland, Maine
On my way back to the airport, I had a few hours to burn, so I visited Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, to see the cold Atlantic.

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