Show Jumping - Rolex 3-Day Event

The final day (Sunday) was show jumping. Again I used my telephoto lens to try and get closer shots, but again the view was obstructed in many areas, so I pretty much only got the same 3 or 4 jumps over and over again. And as you can see on these the closeups arent as crisp as I would have wished for. But, I think any serious photographer would have a real camera and a press pass, so ohwell :)

Riders walking the course before jumping starts. It was mostly sunny and *really* windy this day - as you can see by the briskly flying flags.
Flying over a jump.
Entering the arena.
Cantering in, preparing to start.
In flight
Off again for another jump
A dog's life. My aunt Judy remarked to me that horse shows saw as many dogs as people, and I believe it. We saw a lot of dogs. This black fellow was lounging nearby.
Another of the many dogs. I thought it funny that this setter was owned by a gal with hair as red as her dog's.

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