Keeneland Race Track, April 2002

We flew into Lexington on Thursday, and since Keeneland is right across from the airport, it only made sense for us to jaunt across the street and see some racing. I really enjoyed this, though we didn't stay too long; Someday I might like to return and watch more races, and perhaps meander around the barns area. One thing that amazed me was how incredibly *crowded* it was, for a Thursday afternoon - the parking lots were packed. Dunno if it was just other Rolex-goers who had the same idea as us, or if it's always that way, but it was amazing.

The other thing that struck me was how different this whole world is. I look at these events from the point of view of a horse lover, but I'm a minority when it comes to racing. For many people (owners, trainers, riders) racing is serious business. I like to think they all love the horses too, but realistically I know there's bound to be some who don't. Then there's the folks who only come to bet. It's a strange world, indeed.

An artist painting the paddock scene.
Horses walking around in the paddock before the race.
Walking around, warming up.
A racer being tacked up for the race.
Heading on the the track.
Heaidng to the gate.
The starting gate, being maneuvered down the track and into the turf (grass) course.
One of the outriders brought his horse over to be petted by a kid at the rail.
The call to the post.
Call to post.
Post parade.
Post parade.
Milling about.
Horses heading onto the turf course.
More milling.
Loading up the starting gate.
Racing around the track!
Racing to the finish!
After the race.
After the race. Loosening up the tack.
Heading out to cool off.
In the winner's circle.
Back to the barn...
Keeneland's forested parking lot.

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