Day 2 - Cross-Country

Saturday was cold and rainy. Well, it got that way, anyway - the morning was fairly dry, so we went out and watched a little of the cross country jumping. We were sortof by the water jump, thought had some obstructed views so I didn't get any pix of that. I did get some pix of horses racing around the turn from the water on to more jumps tho, and that's how I got the lovely running gray below. We ended up leaving during the lunch break, as it started raining then and none of us wanted to sit around in the rain. Seems many of the competitors felt the same way too, as there were a LOT of horses scratched during the afternoon jumping. Unfortunately we heard that one horse died on the course, from a broken neck - probably slipped and fell in the rain. Tragedy, that. One thing I've found is it's really hard to get photos of a moving target using my slow-ass digital camera... more often than not, I'd press the trigger on time and in the second or two it'd take the camera to respond, the horse was already gone. I got lots of shots of empty jumps, or horse's butts, etc. Grf.

Maybe my best pic of the event, although it's a bit dark - a gray horse galloping around the turn from the water on to the next jump.
One of the brush jumps, in the shape of a swan (or duck or something).
Another grey. Kinda blurry, but its sortof a neat effect.
A bay, running hard.
I'm pretty sure this is Karen O'Connor, as she was the last one we saw ride and I snapped this right before we left.
Yow! No, that horse didn't fall, he just looks that way!
Racing across the field.
Whew! Back to the barn!

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