Pictures from the Other Place on Comal River

courtyard.jpg shop.jpg door.jpg
courtyard at the Southwest School of Art A shop in New Braunfels door of that shop
shoppatio.jpg anothershop.jpg columbine.jpg
Patio of that shop another shop yellow columbine
fish.jpg gardenbench.jpg gardenart.jpg
a fishy! garden bench garden art
huisache.jpg patio.jpg roses.jpg
the Huisache Grill Huisache Grill's patio lovely roses
armadillos.jpg comal.jpg comal2.jpg
armadillos outside the cabin the lovely comal river comal
riversteps.jpg cooltree.jpg me.jpg
steps to the river a cool tree me by the cool tree (my dad took this pic)
dad.jpg cabins.jpg blueflowers.jpg
dad cabins at the Other Place blue flowers
fish2.jpg reflections.jpg river.jpg
another fishy! reflections down the river
swirlingwater.jpg yellowflowers.jpg pad.jpg
swirling waters yellow flowers a cool pad across the river