Wildseed Farms

I visited Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg on Easter Sunday. It was a lovely day for it; sunny but not too hot. They also had the best peach ice cream I've ever had.

flower-hiway.jpg wagon.jpg windmill.jpg
Flower-painted highways of Texas Old (un)covered wagon The Wildseed Farms windmill. Notice the Texas flag in bluebonnets?
windmill2.jpg maroon-bluebonnets.jpg white-bluebonnets.jpg
Windmill from the other side Maroon bluebonnets White bluebonnets! Strange...
courtyard.jpg courtyard2.jpg courtyard3.jpg
The central courtyard at Wildseed Farms courtyard again more courtyard
courtyard4.jpg courtyard5.jpg fountain.jpg
more courtyard more courtyard fountain in corner of courtyard
cat-in-sun.jpg bougainvillea.jpg flowers2.jpg
a cat in the sun Fiery bougainvilleas Lots of flowers for sale
pansies.jpg blueandred.jpg flowerfield.jpg
Pretty pansies Bluebonnets and poppies fields of flowers
flowerfields2.jpg yellowflowers.jpg poppies.jpg
more fields of flowers yellow poppies red poppies
poppies2.jpg me.jpg bluebonnets.jpg
LOTs of red poppies! me in the poppies fields of bluebonnets
rockfountain.jpg waterlilies.jpg prettyflowers.jpg
a rock fountain water lilies pretty flowers!